When believers are faithful to the mission of God, God is faithful to MULTIPLY his Kingdom.

The story of God is a story of multiplication. Woven throughout history is evidence of His ability to increase in explosive, exponential ways. From Creation to the Cross He always multiplies what is put into His hands. MULTIPLY is Redemption’s two-year initiative, building from the foundation of 2017’s “Uncharted” initiative. The results of MULTIPLY will help us determine what we do and where we can go in our efforts to fulfill Jesus’ commands.


In the next two years, we are asking God to work through us to:


We want to MULTIPLY our faith by trusting God, increasing generosity, and seeing everyone who calls Redemption home develop a heart to serve.


We want to MULTIPLY kingdom-worker disciples by reaching people in our communities and region.


We are asking God to MULTIPLY our campuses in order to make more disciples in southern Indiana.


We want to MULTIPLY our impact locally, regionally, and globally by eliminating debt in order to free up resources for ministry and prepare for the next big thing God has in store for Redemption.


How can you be a part of MULTIPLY?

Pray. Give. Go.



Faith doesn’t come from our will or emotions, but seeking God through prayer. Faith comes by being with Jesus. Ask God what role He wants you to play in His multiplication of His Kingdom via Redemption. Surrender all you are and all you have to Him and be bold as you pray.


You may be a rookie giver, giving this whole “giving” thing a shot and trusting God with your finances for the first time.

You might be a regular giver, giving on a consistent basis but not necessarily sacrificing. You might give regularly, but it’s not a big factor in your budget or among the top priorities.

Or ... you might be a radical giver, giving consistently in a way that costs you with an eye on longer-term impact for the Kingdom of God. Giving is at the top of your budget each week and you don’t ask God what you should give, but rather, what you should keep.

No matter which type of giver you are, we want you to take a step of faith during this initiative and move toward a new level of faith in God’s provision.


Growing as a disciple is a journey of ongoing steps of trust in Jesus. We don’t grow without taking a step of faith. It requires us to take a step in trusting Jesus as we give what He has called us to give of our time, talent, and treasure. We want to multiply Kingdom-worker disciples by reaching people in our communities and region, multiply our campuses in order to make more disciples in , and multiply our impact locally, regionally, and globally by eliminating debt in order to free up resources for ministry and prepare for the next big thing God has in store for Redemption.






Redemption’s mission is to love God, love people, and change the world. We take that straight from the Great Commandment given by Jesus. When we love people well we make disciples. When we make disciples we gather a church.




"They felt that everything they owned was not their own." It all belongs to God. Whatever we place in God's hands he multiplies. With a connection to the parable of the talents, we believe Redemption is a five-talent church and we want to be faithful with what we've been given.




"We will always look for ways to contribute rather than consume." Consumers look to be served, contributors look for ways to serve others. As we grow, so does the number of people we need to serve. How can you contribute?




Ananias was sent to go to Saul — reluctantly. God told him to "Go." which is the most common commandment in the Bible. So Ananias went even though he didn't know what to say. That didn't matter, sometimes just showing up is enough. When we show up and trust God to do the rest, big things happen.




Paul approaches a people that are far from God, but he meets them where they are. They worshipped many gods and had many barriers keeping them from Jesus. Instead of fighting, Paul turned what was a barrier into a pathway to Jesus. How can we remove barriers so others can see Jesus?

Attendance & Giving: The Story So Far