Why do we preach?

Preaching is God’s method for getting the gospel (the good news) to sinners (which is all of us). Jesus preached during his time on earth, so it is very important to include in our worship services. Sermons at Redemption call sinners to repentance and seek to teach those who are following Jesus about a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. Wondering what sermons at Redemption sound like?

Why do we sing?

The Bible repeatedly tells us to sing to the Lord. It mentions psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (as well as new songs). Singing is a natural part of life. We sing about things we are joyful about. We go to concerts to sing along with our favorite bands and other people. As Christians, we have a joy so deep we can’t help but sing often about God’s redemption of us. We sing songs of victory, thanksgiving, repentance, and lament at Redemption. We sing old songs in new ways. We sing new songs. We sing songs written specifically for this gathered body of believers and what God is teaching us in this time and place. Singing at Redemption is a participatory activity. Sometimes accompanied by raised hands, but always with raised voices. The style we utilize is simply to communicate the gospel in a musical language that is most understandable in our time and place. God is a God of diversity so we have diverse sounds in varying bands. Want to hear some of what Redemption music sounds like?

Why do we take communion?

Communion is where we remember the one who gave His life for sinners. Jesus Christ came to give His life as a perfect sacrifice for us. His body was broken and beaten beyond recognition. So we take a piece of bread and remember the physical sacrifice of Jesus. He took our sin on himself. He poured out his blood for our sins. So we take a cup of juice that represents the blood and forgiveness. We take communion each week during our services to reflect the model set in the book of Acts. Our time of communion is for all believers, regardless of church affiliation. However, communion is for believers to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. We ask that non-believers let the emblems pass by them and repent of sin and follow Christ, then take communion with us.

Why do we give?

As followers of Christ, our goal should be complete generosity with every part of our lives. That includes our time, talents and treasures. The funds given during the time of giving at Redemption are used to advance God’s kingdom in the time and place where God has placed us. Ministry is not cheap or free and it takes a family committing to the goal together. Giving is an act of worship, saying that God is above and in control of all — even our finances. Giving is also an act of thanksgiving, as we are thankful that God was generous to us through the gift of his son, Jesus. We seek to give joyfully and sacrificially as well as we desire to see God’s kingdom advance to all corners of the world as well as here at home.


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