What is a Partner?

While there is no specific mention of church “membership” in Scripture, the local church is identified by Jesus and is referred to as His bride.


Living as a body of believers is crucial, according to Hebrews 10:25. Therefore, church membership has become the norm in most church bodies.


Typically, church membership has been either insider-focused or outward-focused. Insider-focused churches are usually marked by a country-club attitude with a right to complain when things don’t go the way some would like them to. The primary question this attitude is marked by is ‘what does it gain me?’ Membership in these cases is a big deal to members. Outward-focused churches are usually marked by an attitude of responsibility instead of privileges. When someone with this attitude says they are a “member” of a church, they simply mean they are on mission and partnering with the church and its mission.


Redemption has always strived to be a church full of outward-focused members. Because of past misuse and misunderstanding of the word, Redemption uses the word partners and partnership to describe members — as we feel it best describes the relationship between the individual and the body of believers. Partners have expectations placed on them, whereas members often do not. We want all who partner with us to be committed to the cause of loving God, loving people, and changing the world through these two guiding principles.

Partnership Covenant

As a follower of Christ who has been baptized by immersion — or setting up a date and time to be baptized by immersion — I am fully committing to be a covenant partner with Redemption Christian Church. In doing so, I am committing to the following actions:


1.) I will protect the unity of the church.
– By acting in love toward others refusing to gossip.
– By following the leaders of the church as they stand on the word of God and cast the vision for the church.

2.) I will take responsibility for and participate in the ministry of the church.
– By loving God and loving people.
– By praying for the church and the leaders.
– By attending faithfully and leading my family to do the same.
– By contributing to the church with my time (serving), talents (using my gifts to serve), and treasures (supporting the church financially as God blesses me).
– By living life in community.

3.) I will strive to live out a testimony for Christ and the church.
– By striving to live for Christ, but acknowledging when we mess up our need to constantly trust in God’s grace and forgiveness.
– By accepting accountability for my actions.
– By investing in people and striving to spread the truth of God’s love to those we come in contact with.
– By handling relationships and conflict within and outside the church in the most biblical and graceful way as possible.


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